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Weather Monitoring System

weather monitoring system is a facility, either on land or sea, with instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecast and to study the weather and climate. The measurements taken includes radiation,temperature,wind speed and direction and Humidity. W Manual observations are taken at least once daily, while automated measurements are taken at least once an hour.WMS are used to measure all the possible readings including ambient temperature as well.

Wind sensors are playing a major role in measurement of wind speed and wind direction. It measures small measurement of about 0.2m/s wind speed also. RS 485 connection is made to get connected with USB and datas are being recorded.

Temperature sensors used in weather monitoring system are connected to user directly. Relative humidity is also measured using these sensors. These sensors are used for the relative temperature and humidity as well. All these Sensors have RS485 Connection with USB to the user directly and datas are recorded.

Pyranometer radiation sensors are used in measuring the solar radiationin weather monitoring.Eco energies provide the most cost effective and user friendly sensors