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Energy Consulting

Eco Energies offer wide range of energy consulting for improvement of the Energy management system, green building and other renewable energy projects consulting. We also offers many other technical consulting for safety inspections like thermography, insulation survey etc


The ISO 50001 energy management standard is a proven framework for industrial facilities, commercial facilities, or entire organizations to manage energy, including all aspects of energy procurement and use.

Water audits analyze a facility’s water use and identify ways to make it more efficient. Audits review domestic, sanitary, landscaping, and process water use and identify ways to increase a facility’s water-use efficiency. They are often performed for free and can save your company money by reducing water use and its associated costs. Some utilities conduct free water audits. Contact your water utility to learn more about the services they provide. To conduct your own water audit, co

Solar energy sector in India is growing fast due to a combination of factors such has population density, increasing energy demand, high solar radiation and suitable land. With the imminent explosion of solar energy installations, Eco Energies can provide clients a complete consultant solution package for solar projects. We can support and manage through various phases of building solar installations. 

India is the fifth largest in the world in installed wind power capacity. With around 32.3 GW of power already installed  in India looks towards to investing more in the sustainable energy. Eco Energies promotes wind energy development through extensive consultancy services to assist clients from the very start of the project up until the installation is operational and monitored. We make this possible with the our expertised team having a varied specialties in

In India around 32 % of primary energy consumption is derived from biomass sources, with over 70 % of the rural population still dependent on bio-energy. This provides opportunities for the energy sector to grow in a sustainable direction as bioenergy is completely renewable. To that end, Eco Energies can assist firms with consultancy on biomass conversion and bioenergy generation technologies.