Eco Energies offers a wide range of services which covers all the Energy related problems. Eco Energies has Nationally and Internationally Certified Technical and Management experts. Eco Energies is the result of dedicated research on energy engineering, rational use of energy and sustainability. Eco Energies has expertise in identifying innovative and practical solutions to achieve energy efficiency in industries. Our experience in analyzing and optimizing complex thermodynamic systems and processes such as combustion, steam generation, combined heat and power, and pinch analysis allows us to help energy intensive industries improve their energy efficiency and attain financial benefits.

Remote Monitoring System

Solar Plants with large Megawatts are being installed in remote areas and the operation and maintanence of such plants on the field is difficult.So, We come up with a new product calledRemote monitoring system. Remote monitoring system is nothing but you can get the every minute details of your plant from the place where you are and no need of any presence in the site.Itsbeen a user friendly product with customizable dashboards.

The unique features are 

  • Easy Installation
  • User friendly user interface
  • Cloud based architecture
  • Monitor energy in real time
  • Analyze and save energy
  • Alerts and Warnings
  • Fully customizable
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Weather Monitoring System

weather monitoring system is a facility, either on land or sea, with instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecast and to study the weather and climate. The measurements taken includes radiation,temperature,wind speed and direction and Humidity. W Manual observations are taken at least once daily, while automated measurements are taken at least once an hour.WMS are used to measure all the possible readings including ambient temperature as well.
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Energy Audit

Energy Audit is a process including Inspection, Survey & Analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building, a process or a system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s) plugged. Energy Audit is the quickest, cheapest and cleanest way to reduce Energy Consumption. Also, it is a fast growing demand on the part of everyone in the market.

ECO ENERGIES has made the commitment to be your energy manager, your energy expert and your green partner! In most existing installations, we can target up to 30% energy savings using existing offers and technologies through our step by step approach to energy efficiency. Our Energy Consultants bring practical knowledge and innovation to your business. These solutions have been built into our new step approach for your organization to audit and measure its energy more effectively. ECO ENERGIES  has a comprehensive offer for Residential, Building, Industrial and Infrastructure markets with Energy Efficiency Solutions that help you turn energy savings into growth.

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Energy Consulting

Eco Energies offer wide range of energy consulting for improvement of the Energy management system, green building and other renewable energy projects consulting. We also offers many other technical consulting for safety inspections like thermography, insulation survey etc


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Energy Management System

"Energy Management System" or in short "EnMS", is a set of policies and procedures integrated and put into practice to track, analyze, and plan for energy usage. Using the popular Plan-Do-Check-Act method of continual process improvement. It is a series of processes that enables people of varied responsibilities acrossan organization to use data and information to maintain and improve energy performance, while improving operational efficiencies, decreasing energy intensity, and reducing environmental impacts.
It enables an organization to:
  1. Establish and communicate its energy commitments and data processes
  2. Ensure energy action plans are established, managed and achieved
  3. Achieve energy objectives and targets
  4. Provide energy awareness and training to organizational personnel
  5. Use operational controls to ensure energy savings will be sustained
  6. Actively monitor and measure significant energy uses
  7. Effectively demonstrate performance improvement
  8. Perform verification through audits
  9. Ensure success through management review
By implementing EnMS efficiently, the industry or organisation will recieve ISO 50001:2011 certificate. The main purpose of ISO 50001 is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.

Eco Energies have already established their name in the market in giving ISO 50001:2011 training and consulting. The very experienced audit team of Eco Energies has AEE certified energy manager,BEE certified energy auditors, BEE Accrediated energy auditor and ISO 50001 lead auditors. Eco Energies also help companies in EnMS documentation and implementation; thus making it more easy for companies to get ISO 50001 certificate.

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Energy Academy

Today we need energy for everything to power our homes, drive our cars, use technology and even to feed and clothe us. Energy underpins modern life and that’s why it’s important we should leant to use it appropriately. In Eco Energies we offers different courses to educate and train the individual to use the energy in the most efficiency manner.
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