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Remote Monitoring System

Solar Plants with large Megawatts are being installed in remote areas and the operation and maintanence of such plants on the field is difficult.So, We come up with a new product called remote monitoring system. Remote monitoring system is nothing but you can get the every minute details of your plant data from the place where you are and no need of any presence in the site.Its been a user friendly product.

  • Modbus Beta- Energy Log

    Modbus Beta- Energy Log

    Eco Energies have a new Remote Monitoring System for solar plants called Modbus Beta and developed its own Energy log data logger. We have served nearly 1000 sites with our new system. Its been a user friendly and wireless system which entirely connects all datas to the cloud server and provides you the data. The Energy Log Modbus gateway enables to manage or collect data from Modbus equipment's on a single box, the gateway which include a RTU Modbus or TCP Modbus interface, an Ethernet and GPRS interfaces to communicate with the information system. Energy Log gateway has dashboards reports generation and send alerts to the user. 
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  • Webdyn Modbus Beta- Solar Remote Monitoring

    Webdyn Modbus Beta- Solar Remote Monitoring

    Webdyn Modbus Beta is a Solar remote monitoring Systemthe Solar plants .Get the real time energy consumption data of your Solar Installation right from your PC,from anywhere in the world.Modbus have Customized dash boards, send alerts, generate your reports and complete user friendly which plug and play.
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