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Measuring Instruments

It is very improtant for any industry to monitor the critical parameters of energy like gas flow, diesel flow, water flow, electricity, pressure, temperature etc. There are number of measuring instruments available to measure all these parameters. Flow meters available are like Water flow Meters, gas  flow meters, Pressure meters, gas sensors etc.

  • Electro Magnetic Flow meter

    Electro Magnetic Flow meter

    FLow of a liquid in pipe.
  • Air Flow Meter

    Air Flow Meter

    Mass of air flowing in the tube.
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  • Turbine Flow Meter

    Turbine Flow Meter

    Turbine Flow Meter

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  • Thermal Energy Meter BTU Meter

    Thermal Energy Meter BTU Meter

    Measures flow of heat and difference in its tmperatures.
  • Power Meter

    Power Meter

    Power output of a machine or an equipment.
  • Vortex Flow Meter

    Vortex Flow Meter

    Measuring the water, air or gas flow 
  • Orifice Flow Meter

    Orifice Flow Meter

    Flow of liquid, gas especially steam using the differential pressure measurement.
  • Pressure Switch

    Pressure Switch

    The switch that closes an electrical contact when certain set fluid pressure has been reached on its point.
  • Temperature Switch

    Temperature Switch

    Measures the heat distribution.
  • Oxygen Sensor

    Oxygen Sensor

    Maintaining the oxygen levels in the exhaust or in the system where oxygen is being used.
  • Carbon Dioxide Sensor

    Carbon Dioxide Sensor

    Analysing the carbondioxide levels in the exhaust