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Energy Monitoring and Energy Management System

Measure and monitor are two essential elements for proper operation of equipment in the entire facility. Energy management system is a computer aided tool used by utility to keep check on performance. It can be used to centrally control devices like HVAC units, ventilation system, water pumping system, lighting system, steam regulation system etc. Energy Monitoring and Energy management systems can also provide metering, sub metering, and monitoring functions that allow facility and building managers to gather data and insight that allows them to make more informed decisions about energy activities across their sites.
This system helps organization to achieve energy efficiency through well laid out procedures and methods, and to ensure continual improvement, which will spread awareness of energy efficiency throughout an entire organization. 
Some Advanced Features of our DEXCell Energy Manager
·          Automatically send you weekly and monthly reports for production and energy
·          Optimize power factor and intimate immediately on deviation from Set Value
·          Intimate immediately on deviation of equipments from Standard Performance through E mail or SMS 
·          Assigning tariff structure as per utility plan  and monitoring the peak, non peak and normal consumption.  
·          Optimizing the Fixed Charges as per utility demand
·          Monitor the Energy Parameters of different Equipments (Example- for Production Machine-kW/Ton)
·          Compare your present time consumption and provide Real time graphs
·          Track the Energy Saving Achieved from and ant Project Implemented
‚ÄčIn order to analyze factory effectiveness and to drive equipment performance, extensive data is required from factory equipment. Data collected from the equipment can help predict capital equipment cost, consumables, labour and physical size of a manufacturing facility. The objective of Equipment Performance Management (EPM) is to keep and improve throughput, reliability, and turnaround time of production equipment and AMHS equipment. This document presents the user level requirements for the capabilities required to analyze and improve overall equipment performance for a semiconductor manufacturing plant.

  • DEXCell Energy manager

    DEXCell Energy manager

    DEXCEll Energy Manager is the best Energy Monitoring and Analyis tool.
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