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Energy Audit instruments

We offer a wide range of Energy Audit Equipments for onsite measurements which helps the Managment in understanding the actual performance of their site's perofrmance. These are protable instruments and are availabe with data loggers as well.

  • Three phase power analyzer

    Three phase power analyzer

    Measures Active, reactive and apparent Power, Power factor, Phase angle, energy,Voltage and Current.
    with Estore-Ecoenergies
  • Thermal Imager

    Thermal Imager

    Thermography Images 
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  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Volumetric flow detection.
    with Estore-Ecoenergies
  • Digital Earth Tester

    Digital Earth Tester

    The Earth Pit reistance is very improtant parameter for the safety of the equipment. All the electrical machines and equipments are provided with earthing and even unfortunately  any current comes on the body of the equipment then it is transferred to the earth pit. An earthpit to work efficienctly requires the maintianence of its resistance. We offer a wide range of earth resistance testers.
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  • Lux Meter

    Lux Meter

    Measures Intensity of light that hits or passes through a surface.
    with Estore-Ecoenergies
  • Clamp On Power Meter

    Clamp On Power Meter

    Measures Current, Voltage and power.
    with Estore-Ecoenergies
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    Leakage can be tested even in an ultrasound range.
  • I R Thermometer

    I R Thermometer

    At times non contact type of temperature measurement is required in an industry for safety issues.
    with Estore-Ecoenergies
  • Annemometer


    Its just a small instrument used in measuring the wind speed.
  • Pitot Tube Manometer

    Pitot Tube Manometer

    Measures Pressure difference in water lines, gas lines or so
  • Tachometer


    Rotation or revolutionary speed of an electrical motors can be measured with this instrument.
  • Torque Tester

    Torque Tester

    Quality control device to check the torque in anymachine 
  • Flue Gas Analyser

    Flue Gas Analyser

    Analyses the composition in flue gas constituents.
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    with Estore-Ecoenergies